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Search William Morris Tile

How to Use the Search Tool

To keep the Search tool responsive (fast), it does not search the content of all 190 pages on William Morris Tile. It search the title tag (TITLE) and the main headings (H1). If you set the AND dropdown, it will look for all those words. So if you want to find, say, "William Morris Golden Lily", it will give you all the pages with all those words in the title. If you set it to OR, it will give you all the pages with William, Morris, Golden, or Lily -- this will not be helpful. Similarly, a search for "May Morris" will not be helpful with OR. But a search with AND will, or even just "May".

For a more granular or refined search, go to, enter in the search box and then the term or terms you want to search this website for.

To recap, the Search tool will return pages that contain your keyword in the Page title or heading, not every page where the keyword is listed, so it may miss. But if so, it will miss quickly and won't leaves cookies. If it it does't work out, the and Site Map are almost always up to date.

Text String to Search For:


Choose AND to search for pages that contain all of the terms in the search string. Chose OR to return results for any of the terms.


Choose SENSITIVE to search for pages that contain text that matches the pages in your search string. Chose INSENSITIVE to return results that match the string in any case.

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