William Morris: Sleeping Beauty
The ninth and final panel of Sleeping Beauty, one of three fairy tale tile sets installed at 'The Hill'

Rubaiyat, Kelmscott Press
Kelmscott Press: Rubaiyat

William Morris: Willow Wallpaper
Willow Wallpaper, 1864

Overmantel tile panels in Cinderella fairy tale theme, designed by William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones
Cinderella tile panels designed by Morris and Burne-Jones Viking ship stained glass, by Edward Burne-Jones
Morris & Co. Stained Glass

Peacock detail from The Forest, tapestry designed by William Morris, 1887
Detail from The Forest tapestry

Membland Tile Panel
Membland Tile Panel designed by Morris and William De Morgan for Morris & Co.

William Morris: Jasmine wallpaper
Jasmine Wallpaper, 1872

May Morris embroidered screen
Screen designed and embroidered
by May Morris

Aphrodite Rising Out of the Sea, painting by William Morris
Early painting by William Morris, Aphrodite Rising Out of the Sea. By 1862, Morris had abandoned painting.

Jane Morris modeled for the sole surviving painting by William Morris: La Belle Iseult
La Belle Iseult, William Morris, Jane Morris Model. Morris inscribed on the back, "I cannot paint you, but I love you."

Self-portrait by William Morris, 1856
William Morris: Self Portrait, 1856

John Ruskin's Nature of the Gothic, Kelmscott Press
Kelmscott Press: The Nature of the Gothic, John Ruskin

Murals painted by William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and others in Oxford Union, 1956.  The walls were ill-prepared and began to fade almost immediately. The ceiling botanicals are by William Morris
Oxford Union Murals

Lizzie Siddal, 1855, pen and ink drawing
Elizabeth Siddal, pen and ink drawing by Rossetti

William Morris at age 36
William Morris at age 36

Photo of Jane Burden Morris, 1858.  Posed by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Photograph of Jane Burden at age 19, 1858, a year before her marriage to William Morris

Jane Morris as Mariana
Mariana by Rossetti, Jane Morris model

William Morris at age 41, Merton Abbey
William Morris at Merton Abbey, age 41

Painting by May Morris of Kelmscott Manor
Kelmscott Manor, painting by May Morris

William Morris, age 53
William Morris at age 53

Troy, Golden, and Chaucer fonts designed by William Morris for Kelmscott Press
Kelmscott fonts designed by William Morris

Kelscott Chaucer
Kelmscott Press: Chaucer

William Morris Poppy Tile, Morris & Co 1870s
William Morris Poppy Tile, Morris & Co 1870s

William Morris Tile

What is Arts and Crafts?

Morris & Co.: Tilemaking Process

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William Morris at Art Passions

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