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I specialize in William Morris tile and a wide circle around that, Morris & Co., William DeMorgan, the Rossetti Pre-Raphaelites. But the circle grows: Morris and the Preraphaelites were enchanted with all things medieval. And so the Medieval dragons tiles were born, followed by the Medieval dogs and cats, and mythic creatures soon to come. Morris & Co. only produced tiles for about a decade, William DeMorgan tiles were sold by Morris & Co. until the closure of the Fulham pottery works. I have quite a bit of William DeMorgan tile with Morris-influenced designs.

Morris and his best friend, Edward Burne-Jones, adored the mythic quality of fairytales, and so the fairy tale tiles came into being. It keeps growing. I've organized it as best I can in the Site Map and nearly all the offerings, but not all their variations, are in one, long, stream-of-unconsciousness page, the Visual Catalog on Pinterest. There are also some Customer Installations, in the same format.

Media weren't narrow channels for William Morris and his friends. Some tiles began as stained glass, textile designs came from tile, paintings, such as Burne-Jones's Morgan Le Fay, came from designs for embroidery and textiles. I've taken this a step farther, just as Morris did for some of his designs. Glasgow Arts & Crafts, and some art tile that speaks to the Victorian fascination with fairies, fairy tales, and the spiritual world are a current interest.

You can, if you like, order tile just as it is shown. If you want to change things slightly, or want bespoke tiles, well probably half the people who visit here also want that. Finding the right set for each person is the best part of making tile. Contact me. More information on custom and bespoke tiles is here: How to Order Tile.

Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you find something you like.

Additions and Announcements

I am reorganizing the website. The site map is up to date. If you get a Not Found error, the site map is current. Please forgive.

The holiday frames for samples are gone for now. You can still order a custom frame for a tile or panel and it does not usually add more than a day or two to delivery time. Prices are comparable to Dard Hunter frames and have the advantage of a nice fit; single tiles can be removed from their frames for inspection.

The picture discount is going away, since installation pictures have not been as forthcoming as I had hoped. Instead, there is a 3% discount if you pay by check and promise to send pictures of your installation. When you actually do send pictures, I'll send you a gift I made just for you, maybe a boxed or frame tile, but something nice by way of thanks.

You can see customer installations, not professional photos but real homes taken by real people, on the Customer Installation board on Pinterest. I especially love these because they show the customer involvement in the installation. That is so William Morris.

Latest Additions

Most Recent Article

The new-ish article on William DeMorgan Arts and Crafts has a listing of the available William DeMorgan reproduction tiles. I plan to create a similar page for each of the major sections; until then, I've reorganized the Site map by major section to make site navigation easier.

Reproduction Tiles

William DeMorgan Fulham Sea Horses and Kraken Sea Monster

William DeMorgan Fulham Period Sea Horses and Kraken

Victorian Tiles

Victorian Fireplace Tiles, Parrots and Macaws in black or cream

Victorian Fireplace tiles, Parrots and Macaws, available in black and cream

Myth and Medieval

Carta Marina

The Carta Marina map of Scandinavia, published by Olaus Magnus in 1539, with the monsters you might meet on your journey clearly marked. The Carta Marina has an interesting backstory. I've included a guide to the sea monsters on the map.

Carta Marina tile backsplash

William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer tile, Astrolabe

Visual Index
(Pinterest Board of Everything)

Visual Index: For a visual index, all, or nearly all, available tiles are pinned on the William Morris Tile board.

New tile announcements, tiles in progress, tiles I dream of doing, and other Morris and DeMorgan inspirations are pinned on the general Morris and DeMorgan board.

Samples and Framed Tiles

Framed Tristan and Isolde tile

You can order sample mosaic pieces, or a single tile, with or without a locking hardwood box. Custom frames are also available.

You can order a sample tile online from any of the product pages.

I can't compete with Home Depot or mass produced tiles on samples. Every order, including samples, is created by hand for you so it may take a day or so before I ship your samples. I don't stock tile samples of everything so in most cases because I wake up at night with ideas to make a design better and then I'm stuck with a bunch of tiles that aren't as nice. So I create each sample for you. Consequently, the cost of creating samples is high.

Also, collectors have driven up the cost of sample tiles because a sample tile requires the same set-up and process as a complete order.

Sample money is recoverable, though. If you send pictures of your completed installation, the cost of one sample tile will be credited to the shipping costs of your completed order. And I would love to have pictures of your completed installation.

Do see How to Order Tile for information on discounts (There are some!) and information on changing colors and backgrounds.

Current Projects

Edward Burne-Jones Stars and Planets, tile panels from stained glass Edward Burne-Jones Stars and Planets - tile from stained glass

William DeMorgan lions, tigers, and bears. Cobalt tiles on white.

Nursery tiles from designs by Walter Crane and C.F.A. Voysey

Medieval mermaids on marble tile Medieval mermaids from illuminations on marble tiles

Victorian fairies backsplash and fireplace panels Victorian fairies backsplash and fireplace panels

And always: Updating the website


William Morris: The Soul of Arts and Crafts

William De Morgan: Arts and Crafts Tile

What is Arts and Crafts?

Morris & Co. Tile Making Process

About William Morris Tile

How to Order William Morris Tile

Hunting Dragons with Lemon Gloria

Links We Like

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News from Nowhwere

William Morris Fan Club


I've done, or am in the process of doing, business with each of these companies and can vouch for them personally. This isn't just a link-to-me-and-I'll-link-to-you exchange.

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Christopher Vickers Arts & Crafts Furniture and Metalwork (UK)

2016 William Morris Calendar by Ingo Schiege (UK)
William Morris 2016 Calendar by Ingo Schiege


Pasadena Craftsman Weekend

Preraphaelite Brotherhood Day

Roycroft - East Aurora Arts and Crafts Show

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