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William Morris Tile: Art print of Strawberry Thief tile variations

For the holidays: William Morris Strawberry Thief variations art print
13 x 13, tick natural white rag paper, archival inks

You can also order Strawberry Thief tiles.

Welcome to William Morris Tile

I specialize in William Morris tile and a wide circle around that. Morris and the Preraphaelites were enchanted with all things medieval. And so the Medieval dragons tiles were born, followed by the Medieval dogs and cats. Then he partnered with William DeMorgan, and so DeMorgan tiles were born. Morris and his best friend, Edward Burne-Jones, adored the mythic quality of fairytales, and so the fairy tale tiles came into being. It keeps growing.

Media weren't narrow channels for William Morris and his friends. Some tiles began as stained glass, textile designs came from tile, paintings, such as Burne-Jones's Morgan Le Fay, came from designs for embroidery and textiles. I've taken this a step farther. You'll see this in the upcoming Preraphaelite Women of Magic series.

Thanks so much for visiting. I hope you find something you like.

Additions and Announcements

I've moved many of the images and links to sections that were on this page to the site map.

Holiday Gifts: Framed Tiles and Tile on a Box

William DeMorgan Fantastic Ducks William Morris Golden Lily

A few people asked for Morris gifts and it seemed like a good idea. Maybe you aren't ready for a permanent installation, or you need a gift for you William Morris and Preraphaelite friends?

So for the holidays, when you order a sample tile, you have the option to add a custom frame or a locking walnut box. You can ship multiple frames and boxes to one address for one price (not a very low price, though, shipping being what it is), or you can ship directly to multiple friends.

I only have this set up for stateside orders. Boxes could ship overseas but I think you are better off having a custom frame made locally rather than pay shipping on a bulky item. If any of this hurts, contact me.

William Morris Kelmscott Chaucer tile, Astrolabe

Visual Index
(Pinterest Board of Everything)

Visual Index: For a visual index, all, or nearly all, available tiles are pinned on the William Morris Tile board.

New tile announcements, tiles in progress, tiles I dream of doing, and other Morris and DeMorgan inspirations are pinned on the general Morris and DeMorgan board.

Recent Additions

Just completed: De Morgan Red Lustre Owls.

De Morgan red lustre owls

Current Projects

William DeMorgan Fish and Peacock Victorian backsplash

November 16 was William De Morgan's birthday. See all DeMorgan Reproduction Tiles. You can also ign up for notifications (usually one email a month).


William Morris: The Soul of Arts and Crafts

William De Morgan: Arts and Crafts Tile

What is Arts and Crafts?

Morris & Co. Tile Making Process

About William Morris Tile

How to Order William Morris Tile

Hunting Dragons with Lemon Gloria

Samples and Framed Tiles

Framed Tristan and Isolde tile

You can order sample mosaic pieces, or a single tile, with or without a frame or a locking hardwood box.

You can order a sample tile online from any of the product pages.

I can't compete with Home Depot or mass produced tiles on samples. Every order, including samples, is created by hand for you so it may take a day or so before I ship your samples. I don't stock tile samples of everything so in most cases because I wake up at night with ideas to make a design better and then I'm stuck with a bunch of tiles that aren't as nice. So I create each sample for you. Consequently, the cost of creating samples is high.

Also, collectors have driven up the cost of sample tiles because a sample tile requires the same set-up and process as a complete order.

Sample money is recoverable, though. If you send pictures of your completed installation, the cost of one sample tile will be credited to the shipping costs of your completed order. And I would love to have pictures of your completed installation.

Do see How to Order Tile for information on discounts (There are some!) and information on changing colors and backgrounds.

Framed sample tiles are suitable for gifts. For framed and box samples, the tile will look good in its settings. If you would like to order multiple tiles as gifts, let me know the size you're interested in by requesting an invoice.

Frames are available in rustic Barnwood, Quarter Sawn Oak, Maple, Mahogany, and Mahogany with gold leaf.

Links We Like

News from Nowhwere

Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood

Lizzie Siddal

William Morris Fan Club


I've done, or am in the process of doing, business with each of these companies and can vouch for them personally. This isn't just a link-to-me-and-I'll-link-to-you exchange.

Terry Bostwick Studio Furniture (US)

The Paint Factory PDX (US)

Inglenook Brick Tiles (US)

Christopher Vickers Arts & Crafts Furniture and Metalwork (UK)


Pasadena Craftsman Weekend 2015

Preraphaelite Brotherhood Day 2015

Roycroft - East Aurora Arts and Crafts Show

January Preview

The January Preview email is expected to go out on December 13. Email subscribers get 25% off new tiles during the two preview weeks.

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Life isn't perfect. It comes with tragedies and some huge losses. Even so, it has mostly been better than good to me and I get this urge to give back. If you would like to donate to Children's Healing Art Project or Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, or Direct Relief International, I will discount your order by 50% of your donation, up to $125.